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Maximizing EVs

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Maximizing EVs
Maximizing EVs
by Mark

This guide is not intended to teach the very basics of Effort Values. This is designed for making the most of your Effort Values and stats. It is assumed you already have knowledge of what effort values are and how to train a Pokemon.

Every point in a stat is important where you can't be wasting them. You only get 508 effort values to work with. If they are done correctly, you will be gaining a total of 127 points across your stats at level 100 with a maximum of 63 in one stat.

Creating a Sweeper

You might think that a Sweeper is best created by putting 252 EVs into Speed and 252 in Atk / Special Attack. While this may be the case for some Pokemon, it isn't for all. You need to consider what Pokemon can still outspeed it and how much damage they can do. Make sure you are looking at a Speed Tier chart when dealing with a fast sweeper. You need to know the limits various Pokemon can reach. You also need to evaluate how a Pokemon can do against itself as a species. By hitting a key Speed number, it will actually let you invest in a defensive stat or the other attacking stat in the case of a mixed sweeper. For example in fourth Generation, having an Infernape with 252 EVs in Speed would basically waste them since the fastest thing Infernape could outpace was Garchomp until Garchomp got banned to Ubers. The optimal spread would be 208 EVs in Speed because that would let it hit 334 Speed which is enough to outpace Garchomp by 1 point. That would leave you with an additional 44 EVs you could dump into Attack or Special Attack.

Another thing to consider when EV training a Sweeper is what KO's you can obtain. Using a damage calculator, you can figure out just how much damage your attacks have the potential to do. If you still can't get certain KOs, it is best to go for the highest KO you can get then use the rest of the EVs for another stat. You will want to factor in things like Stealth Rock if your team uses that.

You always want to be aware of how much HP your Pokemon has. If it has Stealth Rock weakness or you have it with Substitute, you absolutely need to make sure you do not have a value for HP that is divisible by 4. This will let it have an extra switch-in from Stealth Rock or be able to use Substitute one additional time before healing is required. You also want to make sure that if the Pokemon is holding Life Orb, you don't have a value for HP that is divisible by 10. This lets you get off an extra attack. Additionally, if your Pokemon is holding Life Orb, instead of using the last 4 EVs in HP, they should go into Defense or Special Defense since damage is based on your Defense / Special Defense.

The main time this does not apply is if you need a specific ability or item to activate. An example would be Empoleon using the SubSalac set. Credit to iSharingan for this suggestion.

Creating a Wall

Walls are easier to calculate what your optimal EV spread is. You only need to worry about defensive calculations instead of both offensive and defensive. First you need to decide just what kind of wall you are creating if it should be able to tank both sides of the spectrum or just one side really hard. The best way to figure this out is find out what your team is most weak to and make sure your wall is able to survive at least 1-2 hits and either KO it back or hit it with a status condition. If your team is really weak to Aegislash, you would want to have your wall be able to survive not only Sacred Sword, but also Shadow Ball as well since Aegislash can hit from both sides of the spectrum. You should always have a nature that boosts your walls highest defensive stat unless it is absolutely necessary to survive a key attack because then you will be making the most use of your stats.

If the Pokemon you are most weak to is just able to hit from one side of the spectrum, what will matter is having the ability to survive attacks of that nature. Make sure you calculate in Leftovers for recovery if your Pokemon will be holding that. You need to make sure it can survive two of the strongest hits from that Pokemon. Use a calculator for this so you use the least amount of EVs as possible because it isn't always optimal to go either all HP or all Defense / Special Defense. The best combination tends to be somewhere in between based on starting stats. If your HP is really high while your Defense is low, the optimal combination is going to be with more Defense than HP.

If the Pokemon is holding Eviolite, it is recommended to place as many EVs in Defense and Special Defense as possible because then it gets the most out of the boost. While Assault Vest may sound good on paper, the reality is that it isn't good for walls. It is best used to create a bulky attacker since it limits you to damaging moves only.

If your Pokemon has equal defenses, you might consider having its Special Defense becoming 1 point higher than your Defense in order for the ability Download to raise the foe's Attack instead of Special Attack. Credit to iSharingan for this concept.

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